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Racing Light book Reviews

Appalachian Trail Conference

"Racing Light, no ordinary thru-hike memoir, is a profusely illustrated (500 images) documentary of Charlie Duane's 180 days of hiking. Printed on archival-quality paper, it speaks to an ultralight hiker's quest for enlightenment. It's a story that can be read as philosophy and includes a 40-page meditation on walking, as well as a richly stocked appendix."

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"Charlie 'Linguini' Duane has become a trail celebrity. He has hiked from the tip of Florida to the Appalachian Trail and then to the International Appalachian Trail (IAT) to the tip of Canada. Along the way he took many black and white photos (he's an artist) and made many friends. This is his story. He writes candidly about how he evolved and changed through the course of his long hikes. He tells of the people he met and the sites he saw. He writes about the things he learned about his body and nutrition on a longer than long hike. His reflections of the hike reveal the wisdom gained by introspection while perservering on a distance hike. The book features museum quality printing done on archival paper. The pictures while small are crystal clear and starkly riveting (think Ansel Adams)... See why those who know him are so impressed by his dedication and earnestness."

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Linda Patton

This review first appeared in the Spring 2009 Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association Newsletter.

"...there is much more to this book than just the stories of Charlie's hikes. There are also sections dealing with his life story and the dog who inspired his love of walking, the ways in which he made or modified much of his gear, his philosophy of walking and reflections on his hikes, and finally, 'Why Hikers Get Fat: The Dirty Little Secret of Long-Distance Hiking' --which details his strategy for healthy post-hike nutrition..."

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Midwest Book Review

awarded "Reviewer's Choice" to RACING LIGHT from a field of nearly 100 books.

"...Duane's journey is awe-inspiring and may encourage readers to follow his example, maybe not for one side of a continent, but to get more walking in their everyday lives. With plenty of advice and tips on hiking and black and white photos of his journey, "Racing Light" is a must for any outdoors enthusiast or true adventure fan."

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Darek Johnson

Senior Technology Editor/Analyst, Signs of the Times magazine, ST Media Group Intl.

"As I read the book, I realized that, in addition to telling a great story and providing us, also, a glimpse of enlightenment, Charlie had incorporated great advice for business people in this, shall we say, confusing time... His hiking philosophy was to travel lightly and stay on task... Interestingly, and without hurrying, he completed many trail sections ahead of those who had started sooner. Charlie says he generally walked slower than other trekkers; they passed him, he said, like over-the-road trucks would a puttering economy sedan. Over time, however, he passed... them."

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