AT - Day 30

Descending Stratton Mountain at sunrise, I startled a bear, then met a moose three minutes later. At Story Spring Shelter, Wee Willie and Easy-Does-It stopped for a while. The trail passed a beaver pond, then passed through a well-worn section, and ascended Glastenbury Mountain, which has a firetower. A procession of nobos came through, including Vacilando, Satan and trailjournalists, Rocky & the Bedouin. The latter two traveled in a group of five. I attempted to increase my pace on the tedious ridge along Little Pond Mountain, but the rocky path caused me to stumble and bang up my ankles. Many nobos, plus a few LT end-to-enders, were staying and camping at Melville Nauheim Shelter. The names Homeless and Unemployed belonged to a middle-age, Midwest couple who sold their home and quit their jobs to hike the AT. Their humor lifted the spirit of everyone around them.

Wee Willie, Prince of Whales is a self-proclaimed blue-blazer. He hikes 6 to 10 miles per day, preferably around big mountains. He proudly wears a T-shirt, painted with a big blue blaze, that his friends gave him. He heads out into the woods each spring, as far as the trail will take him on his terms. Wee Willie knows all the places where the AT previously took a level route.
Most of the Internet journalists maintained their online journal at Trailjournals.com. I felt that I knew some hikers, like Little Bear or Hammock Hanger, before ever meeting them.