3c. Ministering Angels

The last month unveiled completely new challenges. There was no way to predict the solitude that my schedule placed me in, nor the stress of keeping my eyes glued to the six feet ahead of me for 50,000 footsteps per day. In this manner, the fixation of completing the trail in a hundred days, in order to live a hundred productive years, became a fervent prayer.

It seemed that, helpless and naked as a newborn child, I prayed honestly and my prayers were answered. It seemed that rays of light provided not just inspiration, but physical nourishment. So the flickering light of nature answered my supplications as I persevered in this bare emotional state. The idea of “racing light” formed, not about hiking, but around ethereal clouds, translucent leaves and reflections in water.

The “idea” had transformed from walking softly to receiving inspiration. However, the insight came at the cost of my dwindling physical reserves. Whether tripping over roots or gliding on air, I pressed onward with a passion.